Can you make up a four minute story and tell it in front of an audience? That’s what lots of people from schools on the Island have been doing over the past few years. 

Taking part in ‘The Great Telling Off’ at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival, here are some photos of the young storytellers. Can you spot yourself? 

In 2016 the theme was ‘Crocodile Tales’ ( inspired by Roald Dahl’s Enormous Crocodile).


In 2017 the stories had to contain the phrase ‘ …the other side of the door’ (inspired by tales from Narnia) .

In 2018 the stories were inspired by a fort, an 18th Century naval officers sword, a bronze age dagger and a stone age mace, from the Time taxi archaeology discovery centre. See the cool photos! How amazing to hold a real bronze age dagger! 

So what about this year? 

Have you got an idea what the stories could be based on?

Send your suggestions to Sue the Storyteller.


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